Welcome to Maidstone Bootcamp

At Maidstone Bootcamp we provide the VERY BEST in group fitness training and weight loss programs.

You WILL get fit, toned and healthy in a fun, friendly environment.

Our fully qualified instructors will motivate and encourage you throughout each session.

With 8 sessions a week, daytime & evening, there is a workout to suit everyone.

Suitable for ALL abilities.

What People Say About Us


"You can tell the trainers put a lot of effort into preparing the sessions and always keep the sessions flowing smoothly from one activity to the other."

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"Tracy at Maidstone Bootcamp is a great motivator, she offers professional training and guidance to achieve your fitness goals."

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"I have always struggled to stay motivated when it comes to fitness as I would get bored. Maidstone Bootcamp is different every session, there is always a great..."

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Who We Are