Success Stories

We have some AMAZING success stories from our Bootcamp members who have achieved great results!

Ali & Steve

Our Story

We have been regulars at Maidstone Bootcamp for almost two years. We love coming to all of the sessions as they are so much fun and very varied.

There is a very friendly atmosphere amongst all the Bootcampers and we always have a laugh at every session. (We really enjoy the social side to Bootcamp too)

All of the workouts are challenging but you can take things at your own pace so it is available to anyone of any ability. As a couple we have lost about 3 stones in weight and we are still keeping the weight off.  We’ve had to buy a whole new wardrobe as our body shapes have changed so much and we feel a lot healthier and happier.

Neither of us were into exercise or fitness before joining Bootcamp – the fact that we willingly go and even look forward to the sessions shows how brilliant this group is. I don’t think we will ever go back to our old habits and we even carry on the exercise routines when we are on holiday!



My Story

A friend introduced me to Bootcamp about 18 months ago now, I have to say this is the longest I’ve stuck to something on a regular basis. I enjoy the outside fitness so much, you feel so good after each workout.

I always tell myself there are 168 hours in a week, so to do something that’s really good for you 1,2 or even 3 hours out of 168 it makes sense!!

Everyone is so friendly and very welcoming, it’s for all levels so no one feels inadequate.

I wanted to push myself that little bit harder so decided to do the 8 week slim down, I was so pleased with my results, I reached my goal weight plus more and lost inches all over! I have so much more energy now and am fitter than I’ve ever been.

I have been educated in fitness and nutrition as well as met lots of new friends.



My Story

I joined Maidstone Bootcamp in August 2017. I got engaged in April 2017 and was determined that I would look amazing on my wedding day, so contacted my old netball friend Tracy and enquired about joining her bootcamp.

Joining Maidstone Bootcamp was honestly the best decision I have ever made. Tracy is very experienced and knowledgeable and the other members are very friendly and welcoming. Every session is different and you are encouraged to work as hard as you can, but also to suit your ability. When I first joined, I was worried about not being as fit as everyone else, however the sessions are planned so that everyone can achieve their targets and work at their own level without being compared to others.

The sessions are fun and it says a lot that as a very busy secondary school teacher, I don’t mind waking up early on a Saturday morning to attend bootcamp! In fact, it’s not just that “I don’t mind it”, I actually look forward to it (even in the snow and rain)!!

In the past 5 months I have lost 10.5kg and lost 10cm on both my hips and waist. I am now excited to wear my wedding dress and I am proud of the improvements I have made in relation to fitness and weight loss. I am excited to continue my weight loss after my wedding to ensure that I can be the best version of me possible!

Thank you all at Maidstone Bootcamp for being so motivating and for helping me in the build up to my wedding day.


Katrina & Danny

Our Story

Danny & I joined Bootcamp in January 2018 and we immediately joined the fitness and weight loss programme.

We’ve seen results week on week, and take our inspiration from the fact our daughter is getting married, it was 10 months to the day and we’re now 7 months into our plan.

We are looking better and better, feeling like we’ve got more energy and enjoying ourselves to the max.



My Story

Stuck in a fitness rut, I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted from the classes I tried, gyms I joined or fitness DVDs that I bought!

I always got bored really quickly and lost motivation…until I discovered Maidstone Bootcamp.

What I love most is how varied the sessions are and the fact that I get a whole body workout each time meaning that I began to achieve the results I had always wanted!

I am now able to fit much better in my clothes, my energy levels in every day life have increased and so has my metabolism! This year I ran the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon and got my PB!

I don’t even run often but found my fitness levels had improved so much that it was much easier to achieve than I imagined. I am still really enjoying going to Bootcamp and always feel challenged and have great fun!



My Story

I joined Maidstone Bootcamp in January 2018 with my goals of losing weight for my wedding in June 2018. I went along to my first session and absolutely loved it. Each session is never the same with different games and activities, some involving kettlebells or dumbbells.

I am usually one of these people who give up after a week of trying to be healthy and fall back into old habits. This time, it felt different. I had a goal I was working towards which was keeping me motivated and I was going to bootcamp two times a week at first. If I’m honest, it was all I could manage – my fitness levels had really dropped and I needed to slowly build them back up again. You know what it’s like, life can sometimes get in the way but I just needed to remember about making time for myself and doing something that wasn’t for someone else, for a change!

I noticed my fitness levels started to improve so I started to increase my sessions per week at bootcamp as my recovery wasn’t as slow as it was before. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? 100% yes!

After a few weeks of bootcamp, I had a 1-2-1 session with Tracy who helped me analyse my eating patterns and offered advice on making some small changes to my diet which would help me lose the weight quicker.  I followed her advice and noticed my body shape was changing and other people soon started to notice as well which is a great sense of achievement!

I had regular sessions with Tracy who would carry out a weigh-in each time, which includes measuring your weight, broken down into body fat and muscle mass percentage and my visceral reading. It always is a great feeling when you are achieving what you set out to do and I could see my readings were heading in the right direction.

Not only have I hit my goals with the help of bootcamp, I have met some lovely people. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming which helps if you are joining alone. (I did!)

Joining bootcamp is one of the best things I ever did as I wasn’t getting what I wanted from going to the gym. I would recommend this fitness group to anyone!



My Story

One of my biggest regrets is not joining Maidstone Bootcamp sooner.

I subscribed to their emails a couple of years before I joined the sessions.

I cannot believe I missed out on 2 years of fitness and fun workouts with amazing people.

I had tried other fitness activities over the years but not stuck to any of them. I have achieved so much since joining 10 months ago and I’m doing at least 3 sessions a week now!

My fitness and health has improved more than I could have imagined.

I now not only have the confidence to wear a bikini, this year I’ve had my picture taken in one too!!